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Sewing services include hand and machine sewing, household and clothing alterations.

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Extend the life of your favorite clothes through mending and repair.



Handmade, repurposed, and repaired items are released seasonally.

Textiles are loaded with cultural and personal meaning. They can symbolize comfort, intimacy, and creative expression, but they are also a commodity, part of a global economy that links labor, raw material, your body, and your home.

MISSION The mission of Imperfect Textiles is to encourage more thoughtful consumption of textile goods by offering affordable mending and sewing services to the greater Charlottesville area, so that community members can alter, repair, and personalize their clothing and household linens.

MATERIALS Imperfect Textiles is dedicated to sourcing materials and fabrics ethically and sustainably. Fabric used for sewing projects is repurposed (from used textiles objects) or salvaged (remnants that would otherwise be wasted). New fabric or notions are purchased from small scale, local producers or from companies that are dedicated to organic and sustainable textile manufacturing practices.